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Triple A (Aaa)

3A geography game Croatia star player

Let's see how we explain the Croatian dilemma. There is a lot of talent in some parts of the world.

Croatia has plenty. It is unfair if we do not mention some like Aringarossa, Simo or Ivicazagi. And many more. However, the dilemma is that despite their talent, the Croatians have never had a player in the world's top 10. Possibly, in this game they are going to be one of the countries that contributes the most stars as there is a completely fair algorithm and not depending on the time spent. Well, Croatians love the good life. They do well.

Triple A was the first Croatian in history to win a month in the best-known geography game in history. In a mythical duel against Drakula. Our Croatian hero not only believed in himself, but he had faith in his ruthless enemy...who may not be so with those who trust his word.

So don't relax too much if you see a group of Croatians enjoying life. Like Triple A smiling with his cigar and looking at the sea with his cool sunglasses. Remember that Croatians have it written in their soul to be competitive. They enjoy life but compete with it too.

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