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The Night Owl

The Night Owl geography game Chile star player

He is not a top player in the World Geography game but in Gehaul he is called to be one of the great players. He will surely star in a great battle alongside another of those called to enter the Olympus of e-sports geography: Dima Ko. Our Chilean protagonist is the only one capable of stopping him in a high-resistance Best Score test. Of course, with the permission of the eternal The Number One or The Beast, our lebanese Eddy Rizkov.

Don't rely too much on appearance and quiet, family life. That is precisely where his secret lies: he has total support from his family every time he sets out to beat very crazy records set at the time by other great players. He had the audacity to break Dima Ko's stratospheric record in the toughest geography event there is and he was the first to break Drakula's monthly record of 5 billion XP. Both, the Belarusian and the Galician, recovered their marks, but the Chilean's audacity remained in everyone's minds.

You don't need to have been in the top 10 of the WGG game to show that you are a very fast and resistant player. The owl is usually active at night, like our protagonist, although he may step forward if he sees the possibility of being a top player in Gehaul. Then we will see if his nickname will have to be changed or if he will leave it as a reminder that you can be a player with top statistics without being part of the top.

Geography Game Gehaul Chile

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