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Danbor geography game Argentina star player

Based on a lot of talent and a lot of racket power, he placed in the top 15 in the world of the WGG game and was top 10 in Best Score and in Challenge. A true wonder of nature that demonstrates more than physical skill.

He will compete again in Gehaul. Tennis has never left him but geography has because he was not happy with the injustice that WGG represented. To spend time infinitely, you already have your loved ones. Asados are sacred.

When Gehaul becomes the main Geography e-sports competition, our champion will be able to enjoy his trilogy: asados with the family, tennis and geography. Apologies, in his case it is not a trilogy, it is a clover: River Plate and nothing more. So his nickname is spelled correctly, it's all the letters together.

A rival to take into account (what Argentinian should not be taken into account when competing?) for his great skill in any type of geographical game. He already showed it at the time, and he will return in a big way based on rackets and unstoppable balls.

Geography Game Gehaul Argentina

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