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Many thanks to:

Maca (without you, this would not have been possible, because through you I met equally key people). For those who don't know her, she is one of the most fascinating women on this planet. You must discover her here.

Álvaro: the patience you have had with me. And what I have learned from you is impressive. More than you imagine. In case you don't know him, he is a very brave businessman who is committed to innovations, like this geography game, which are very striking. If you want to say hello to him, here.

Arturo: my companion in adventures and fatigue (very Spanish expression). And I hope that you and I can still continue having intense debates despite having, sometimes, completely different visions. But without variety and open-mindedness, there is no richness. Of course, a shout out to his squires, especially Aslhey.

The WGG Grandmaster. My great friend from the legendary Cyprus. Spyros, you taught me that you have to know how to enjoy the journey. And you supported me in this crazy idea. Without your push, I wouldn't have dared. I'm a weirdo, your Bicho Raro, but my heart is noble and pursues the crazy idea of ​​a fair knowledge competition with the greatest possible equality of opportunity.

Niko, the Tombs do not exist with you (for those who do not understand, it is a play on words that the protagonist will understand, because by that I mean that the protagonist is super vitalist). You have also been present from the first moment even though you are a highly in-demand person. All your attention and guidance on how to execute a project of this caliber has helped me a lot.

Mario. You honor German greatness. To order. To analysis. Everything sequentially, like a good German. I hope one day you will join me in this project. I will fight for it.

Kevin. I hope to compete against you in a World Cup. Your positivity and faith have given me good vibes, which is always necessary. I would also like to have you one day on our team.

Jaren. Good luck with your thesis. I have been amazed by your talent for algorithms.

Simo, you are a beast. A first division tester.

Juantxo, what great maps you have made for the physical geography questionnaires. Piece of design too. I look forward to one day making the entire collection of national and regional maps with your own design. Users will surely wait for it with open arms.

To my mother. Always so attentive to this project. You asked me to speak with Maca because you saw that she had such a good heart and you remembered this project and you believed not only in Maca's greatness but also in this project. If everything goes well, I'll make you one from Hagiography.

I have many more of you in my heart. Don't think I've forgotten you. As one who supports me behind this (I will name you when appropriate).


Yeshuá, well known as the Drakula.

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