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Mik Verona

Mik Verona geography game Venetia star player

Don't even think about taking your eyes off the screen, especially if you see Venetian talent. And even more so if it is a Challenge game.

His fingers are more agile than Shakespeare writing plays about the city of love. Even their most terrible competitors fall in love with tragic results for their interests.

He is the bloody owner of the Challenge in one of the most downloaded geography games in history. And he will surely be the master of the Challenge mode in this new geography game.

It doesn't matter if the algorithm is unfair or fair. Be careful not to fall in love with this guy. The city of love is a mirage, like a good venetian mask, it does not exist: prepare for a duel of your heart if you meet him in a Challenge.

Geography Game Gehaul. Venetia

Geography Game Gehaul. Verona

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