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Grand Sioux geography game Bolivia star player

He is not one of the best in the world. And he doesn't care at all. Because his passion is called Geography. And he enjoys it either by dedicating a little time to it or competing calmly.

There is a compatriot of him who is in the top 100 of the most downloaded game in history, which is no small thing (it is a brutal mark, in fact). Now, the value of our friend is that he always supported geography from the first moment and he has always been there giving an example of what love for this precious science is.

Of course, don't let his calm temperament fool you. The spirit of the condor and pride are present in him. He won't be a fierce rival, although you should worry a little about his Condorian claw.

Either way, you will always enjoy his tranquility and kindness. He is the exemplification of what it means to enjoy the path of learning.

Geography Game Gehaul Bolivia

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