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Drakula geography game Galicia and Spain star player

Innocent look. He seems like a noble guy: indeed, he is noble...but when the sunset appears and the night gets dark...Geography is his weakness, or is it his predilection and source of his strength?

Just be very careful of his bites, because they arrive when you least expect it.

In the most downloaded geography game in history, he left, twice, in different stages, the flags of Spain and his homeland, Galicia, at the top: yes, he was number 1 in all facets of the mythical World Geography game.

But it wasn't enough for him. In his thirst for justice, he rejected his number 1 and has created this game for all of us after many years of hard work. A fair game, tough but fair.

So, from now on, any bite he takes will surely taste better. Be very careful when sunset appears and night falls...

Geography Game Gehaul. Galicia

Geography Game Gehaul

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