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Dima Ko

Dima Ko geography game Belarus star player

One of the best players of the most mythical game of geography in history. Top 3 in the world and with records that sound like myth.

But not. He is not a myth. He is a hero, human one.

Although he prefers to stay unnoticed by people, his legacy is undeniable and it is impossible for him to go unnoticed. His skill is fireproof because he has the ability to endure stoically through thousands and thousands of questions. And again.

If one day you have the misfortune of facing him in Battle mode in Gehaul, don't even think about choosing a long geography quiz. He will strike you down in a long, slow agony. Because there is no one who comes close to him in this skill and those who have tried may have been lucky on occasion, but they always end up succumbing to the Belarusian hero.

We insist. He will dry you out if you dare to. For real.

Geography Game Gehaul Беларусь

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