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The Golden Cabbage

Regional legend about Galicia

In the lush green hills of Galicia, there is a legend about a golden cabbage. The cabbage is said to grow in a secret garden, guarded by a fierce dragon.

The legend tells the tale of a young shepherd named Xosé. Xosé was a kind and gentle soul, and he loved nothing more than spending his days in the hills, tending to his flock of sheep.

One day, Xosé was walking through the hills when he came across a beautiful garden. The garden was filled with flowers of every color, and in the center of the garden grew a cabbage unlike any Xosé had ever seen before. The cabbage was golden, and it shone like the sun.

Xosé was curious about the cabbage, so he decided to pick it. As soon as he touched the cabbage, the dragon appeared. The dragon was furious, and it roared at Xosé. Xosé was scared, but he knew he had to protect the cabbage. He stood his ground and faced the dragon.

The dragon charged at Xosé, but Xosé was ready for it. He dodged the dragon's attack and struck the dragon with his staff. The dragon roared in pain and fell to the ground. Xosé was victorious, and he took the golden cabbage home with him. He shared the cabbage with his family and friends, and they all enjoyed its delicious flavor.

The golden cabbage is a symbol of hope and courage. It is a reminder that even the smallest person can make a difference.

Elements of Galicia in the legend:

  • Food: The golden cabbage is a reference to the Galician tradition of growing cabbages. Cabbage is a popular vegetable in Galicia, and it is often used in stews, soups, and salads.

  • Landscapes: The legend takes place in the lush green hills of Galicia. Galicia is known for its beautiful scenery, including its rolling hills, green valleys, and coastline.

  • Places: The legend mentions a secret garden. Galicia is home to many beautiful gardens, including the Pazo de Oca, the Pazo de Rubianes, and the Pazo de Mariñán.

  • Customs: The legend mentions the Galician tradition of shepherding. Shepherding is a traditional way of life in Galicia, and it is still practiced today.

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