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Dawn in the Alameda

Regional legend about Castilla y León

Once upon a time, Olivia, captivated by the Aqueduct's grandeur at sunset, wandered the Alameda del Parral, longing to capture its majesty under the moon's gentle touch. As dusk painted the sky, a melody, like whispers carried on the breeze, drew her towards the mighty structure. There, bathed in moonlight, materialized the Angel of the Fountain, wings shimmering like constellations.

The Angel unveiled a secret: the Aqueduct, not just a Roman marvel, but a magical portal connecting Segovia to the cosmos. The stars, guardians of time, entrusted Olivia with a mission whispered through the ages: to restore harmony between the city and its natural soul.

To achieve this, Olivia must follow a path marked by three trials:

  • The whisper of the wind: Deep within the heart of Valsaín forest, she must decipher the wind's ancient message, holding the secrets of forgotten wisdom.

  • The dance of the water: By the Eresma's banks, she must join the nymphs' ethereal dance, learning to flow in harmony with nature's rhythm.

  • The song of the stars: Atop the majestic Alcázar, under the starlit sky, she must perform a celestial melody, resonating with the universe's energy.

Olivia, with courage ignited and heart aflame, embarked on her quest. Each trial unveiled a piece of Segovia's rich tapestry: the stoic resilience of the Romans etched in weathered stones, the passionate spirit of jota castellana echoing in hidden courtyards, and the whispers of forgotten legends carried on the wind.

Facing her fears and doubts, Olivia deciphered the wind's secrets, danced with the nymphs under the moonlight, and played a melody that resonated with the stars. With each challenge overcome, her connection to the city deepened, and its hidden magic unfolded before her like a blooming flower.

Returning to the Alameda del Parral, Olivia found the Angel bathed in the dawn's soft light. Together, they watched as the Aqueduct pulsed with a renewed glow, its magic now protecting the city in a harmonious embrace between the natural and the urban.

With her heart overflowing with wonder, Olivia completed her painting. It captured not just the Aqueduct's grandeur, but the soul of Segovia woven from whispers of history, folklore, and a touch of celestial magic, under a starry sky, surrounded by forests and rivers, symbolizing the eternal union between Segovia and its natural soul, on the connection with nature, the importance of balance and the potential of the human being to create a better world.

Elements of Castilla y León in the legend:

  • Olivia: Represents the Castilian connection with nature and the ability to restore harmony.

  • The Aqueduct: Magical portal connecting the city with the cosmos, symbol of Segovia's historical and cultural legacy.

  • The Alameda del Parral: Natural space representing the region's union with nature.

  • Valsaín forest and Eresma river: Iconic natural landscapes of the region.

  • Historical architecture: Alcázar as an example of Castilla y León's rich architectural heritage.

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Castilla y León (España)

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