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World Cup Pro Leagues

World Cup gehaul

Number of participants: champion of each national and regional league + best from each country for those countries that cannot compete with their own league or that have to participate in supranational leagues. Therefore, 195 countries have a guaranteed quota (in case of having representation), and the quota can be expanded depending on the regional leagues that emerge.

Number of groups: 32 groups of x participants each (the number of participants will be divided among 32 groups, so groups of between 6 and 8 participants are expected).

Classification and games system:

 > Qualification groups for the Final Phase: 1st in each group passes. They play all 80 quizzes in Best Score and 20 quizzes Challenge mode.

 > Final Phase: from 1/32 to the semi-finals, passing through 1/16 and 1/8, it will be played in a knockout format and each participant will play 10 Best Score and 10 Challenge (always at the same time and same questionnaires) and then round trip in Battle mode. The final for third and fourth place and for the World Cup will be played in a series of 5 Best Score, 5 Challenge and round-trip Battle.

Note: there is no league during the two weeks that the World Cup lasts but users of Pro Leagues can train or play in others areas (in special Friendly Area) without any problem. Those in The Haul continue as always, and will have the option to watch the World Cup via streaming.

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