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Coins & Mode Options

There are 2 types of coins:

                  Training  you get them after playing an Attempt and buying in the store. It is not a vital currency to progress in the                                           game but it can help you a lot if you feel stuck with a quiz since training is important if necessary.



                   Attempt you can get up to 20 Attempt coins every day and you get them thanks to 10 daily courtesy coins (by the                                    way, you have to access the app daily to get them) and in the Get Attempts section (at the moment, the limit is 10 coins, one per video). They are vital for The Haul because without this currency it is impossible to progress. It is for this reason that everyone has the right to the same currencies, thus respecting equal conditions in terms of opportunities for progress. Another thing is that some are more skilled than others when it comes to passing the questionnaires.

Why?  Because there are 2 modality options:

Training it is the modality that is used to know if you are prepared for the Attempt. Especially at difficulty level 3.

Attempt  it is the modality where you officially try to pass each of the three difficulty levels of a questionnaire.

Training coin-Gehaul
Attempt coin- Gehaul
Coins Gehaul
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