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Core Game Mode Pro Leagues 

> With a fair algorithm based on speed and precision, the goal is to get the best mark.

> You have 5 seconds by question to respond.

> The scoring scale is 0 to 1 (although we have requests that the scale be 0 to 100 points, with decimals).

> If you fail, you have failed and you have 0 points.

> Choose the correct answer from the three options (always greater or lesser option). That is why only the following categories can be playable:

  • Area Size

  • Population

  • Population Density

  • Capital Population

  • Nominal GDP

  • GDP PPP per capita

  • HDI

  • Gini Index

  • Life Expectancy

  • Middle Age

  • Fertility

  • Sex Ratio

  • Homicide Rate

  • School Expectancy

  • Urban Population

  • Arable Land

  • Highest Point

  • Average Elevation

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