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Core Game Mode unique in The Haul 
Best Score

3 core game modes are included in Gehaul.


Although for The Haul only Best Score will be used. When the time is right, we will announce the other two core game modes, which will be incorporated into Pro Leagues.

> With a fair algorithm based on speed and precision, the goal is to get the best mark.

> See if your box is green or red! It's a clue as to whether or not you're passing the minimum score!

> You have 20 seconds by questions to respond.

> In alphabetical answers, if you fail, you have failed and you have 0 points.

> In numerical responses, the degree of precision is calculated; The closer you are to getting it right, the better score you will achieve; but be careful, a margin of error greater than 100% means 0 points.

> As we pointed out before in another section, the scoring scale is 0 to 1 (although we have requests that the scale be 0 to 100 points, with decimals).

Best Score Gehaul
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Best Score Gehaul
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