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Welcome to Gehaul

Playful geography: learn at your own pace and enjoy competing!

Do you love                      ? Do you want to consult and learn any administrative region of any country in the world?


Then this is your app

We want to present you with a new geography game.


It is a game in which all regions of the world appear. We do not omit any country or region.


Likewise, all the answers are in the endonymous version of the name of the country and region. We firmly believe that if we like to learn, it should be with the real name that we identify ourselves with.

And you know what's best? That everything is set up based on a fair algorithm that depends on yourself and based on equal opportunities.


Enjoy learning at your own pace. And, of course: all criticism is welcome, especially if it is constructive. We have a lot of room for improvement ahead of us and we will be clear that we will listen to you and do everything we can.


We want to make a great effort to create the most complete and fair geography game. And over time we will create more areas, focused on total fun.In fact, we have created the Daily Challenge, a challenge to see how you are progressing in your learning.

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Gehaul icon geography game
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